About Us

"We have Talent Assessment solutions - online, cloud-based and real time , and help institutions and corporate create People Productivity Labs. We have now added Benchmarking scores (Industry benchmarks) into each Talent attribute !! So that you get a Candidate score and a Benchmark score for each attribute of each candidate. Pls check out the Competency Report attached to understand this new and exciting offer."

Business tools do not sufficiently answer our need for solutions to addressing talent gaps in a sustainable and continuous manner. It becomes imperative to transform and adopt Processes and Tools to understand how each person works and which triggers could lead to improve efficiency at decision making and productivity ; also, these tools should help us identify and develop talent - for today and tomorrow.

Our core purpose is to use Talent Assessments and Benchmarks to enable sustainable and continuous process of measurement and development of talent. We help answer questions line :

  • What are the fitment points and gaps of people against jobs - both in skills and behaviour traits?
  • Who is ready for promotion to leadership positions? What are their prominent leadership traits ?
  • What are the critical learning gaps and what type of learning intervention needs to be provided for increased productivity and employee engagement?

Specifically for education institutions, we answer questions like:

  • Which careers and areas of study will be good for which student and why?
  • What Learning interventions should be prioritized to increase Employability potential for the students?

The recommendation is that the Government, Corporate or Education Institution set up a People Productivity Lab to measure and enable required interventions and suggestions to enhance productivity and potential .

Our products are very reasonably priced - between INR 699 to INR 1299 and we provide options of multiple languages, video proctoring, mobile friendly processes to enable easy setup and execution . We have worked with international customers in India, Middle East and Africa.