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Pexitests can be customized!

Talent can be tested for the four key stages of effecting change and bringing a world of difference both at the individual and organisation level;

Analyse: This is the first stage of knowing the potential and the key differences one brings to the table when compared to others. Analysis can be done manually by tabulating strengths and opportunities or done using tools like Pexitest for faster resolution of talent analytics.

Assess Assessing talent is of varied types depending on the role, current experience, position sought and roles available with expected outcomes. Different tests are available to predict work and life behavior and we are a phone call away to guide further on our assessment practices and products.

Assign: Assigning the optimum talent to the role is a matter of eloquent understanding of the role, its multiple parameters, efficiencies required to deliver at multiple levels and outcome expected at a benchmarking level. Pexitics Consulting and Analytics services can design and help Talent Managers assign the right fit first time right!

Align: Alignment is like driving a car, which requires continuous monitoring using tools and techniques to be able to navigate the complexities based on past experiences and future preferences, and not just skills alone. This is where our Talent Consulting can deliver complex processes like Succession Planning and Career Development to ensure there is an alignment of org strategy with individual expectations.

We enable businesses to grow bigger using knowledge as a talent framework.

Cognitive Ability Report

This Assessment is an effective predictor tool of performance for job fitment. This factors & equal weightage to Competency and can be used as a benchmark to predict job fitment.

Functional Skills Report

This report contains the outcomes which helps organisation to find specific skillset levels for multitude of roles with functional competence being the core.

Competence Report

This report use the 7AS framework to highlight the behavior/psychometric attribute of the candidate & gives a synopsis in graphical format as well as observations.

Leadership Assessment Report

This report focuses on situational leadership fitment based on functional competence & leadership hierarchy for mid and senior leadership hiring.