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Our USP is: Realtime data driven Insights for People & Talent problems

Data is the new oil and Business which use the data to get Insights and manage People and Talent decisions have 30+% improvement in ROI – as per HBR studies. We use Analytics to generate People & Talent insights which are reliable, repeatable, and backed by Technology and Data – this is our USP.

1. Talent and People Analytics

  • Hiring Fast and Smart - 7 days turn around for each applicant - across roles, across industries as per Competency fitment.

  • Hi Po list - of candidates you should put into a fast-track growth mode

  • LNI & Learning mode optimisation - for each employee and team

  • What will keep your employees engaged, productive and happy ? Answer this in 7 days - across different teams

  • Early identification of Leadership talent & succession pipeline

2. Career Guidance and Career Path enablement

3. Behaviour Risk diagnostic

We look forward to delivering technology driven insights , unbiased frameworks and deliver results with 80% accuracy.

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